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7 Times Kamaal R Khan Crossed The Line

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Who is Kamaal R Khan?

Kamaal R Khan is a self-proclaimed actor and a director. He is also a movie critic. Well, at least that’s what he thinks he is. The world, however, thinks of him as an idiot, an annoying cartoon character, whose tweets give them some kind of amusement. He has nearly 1.4 million twitter followers which tell a good deal about his fan following. Honestly, most of those followers are rather haters of KRK, who want to give him an earful on his own tweets.

Kamaal R Khan has a knack for posting lewd comments on various celebrities, especially female celebrities from Bollywood. Sometimes these comments or tweets are purely evil. He often crosses a line of decency when addressing women. This is the main reason why he has so many haters. If you ever come across his tweet, do read the comments from his followers. They are nasty. So abusive, that Twitter should actually put a “Parental Guidance” “Explicit Content” rating next to it. Lol

Love Kamaal R Khan, or hate him. His unique take on Bollywood’s trending topics made him popular across the social networking platforms for sure. He does get a lot of attention for his disgusting comments too. And yes, he is an obsessive attention seeker, so he will go to any heights to get noticed. We have compiled few tweets of Kamaal R Khan, which were downright lewd or offensive. Here you go:

1. Lisa Haydon

Kamaal R Khan - Lisa Haydon

To this Lisa Haydon replied:

Lisa Haydon Kamaal R Khan

2. Bipasha Basu

Kamaal R Khan Bipasha Basu

3. Parineeti Chopra

Kamaal R Khan - Parineeti Chopra

4. Mahira Khan

Kamaal R Khan On Mahira Khan

5. Lisa Haydon (Once Again)
Kamaal R Khan Lewd Comment On Lisa Haydon

6. Rishi Kapoor

Kamaal R Khan Tweet About Rishi Kapoor


7. Alia Bhatt (Tweet Deleted Now)

Kamaal R Khan Alia Bhatt



In the end, here is a self-analysis of Kamaal R Khan on his own self. And whether you agree or not, he is absolutely right.

Kamaal R Khan Tweets


Kamaal R Khan has gone on Twitter wars with various celebrities. Those who don’t answer him back, KRK will just keep tweeting rubbish about them. However, there have been numerous occasions when the celebrity tweeted back and showed KRK his place. Soon after, Kamaal R Khan would just delete the tweet and the whole conversation. LMAO!

Kamaal R Khan rarely dares to tweet something about male celebrities of Bollywood. And from what we have seen over the years, he is very careful as to what he tweets about Salman Khan. LOL. He knows whom he should not be messing with. Good for him. LAWL

If you don’t know, Kamaal R Khan worked in a movie called Desh Drohi. You can find it on IMDB as one of the worst rated movies of all time. Rated 1.7 out of 10. Till date, he raves about it and is planning to make a sequel. That says a lot about his movie critic sense.

Do not forget this hilarious tweet from the man himself:

Kamaal Rashid Khan Twitter

Let’s have your comments on Kamaal R Khan. Do have anything to say to him? Use comment section below.

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